Southco - Stylish new troller latch secures compartments qithout protruding handles

The new Southco® Troller Removable Handle Latch provides an easy way to secure engine compartments and other panels in marine applications, allows quicker, easier access than ...

... screw-tightened connections, and minimises protrusion on the exterior of the panel when the handle is removed. Its washer sealed design delivers watertight performance with or without the handle in place. 

Durable, all-stainless construction in 304 SS and CF-8M - the cast equivalent of 316 SS - resists corrosion to provide long-lasting service. A roller-style keeper mounted inside the compartment engages the latch cam and draws it down to its lowest point with a snug fit, creating a seal against water intrusion with a degree of grip tolerance in gasketed applications. Stops on each side of the cam help to maintain the latch firmly in the engaged position and to resist vibration, while an interior actuation feature offers a safe exit opportunity for anyone accidentally caught inside the enclosed area. 

The easy-to-remove handle is held firmly in place with detent balls that can be disengaged by pressing a pushbutton built into the handle. This feature functions like a key to enhance access control by keeping the enclosure off-limits to individuals who do not have ready access to the handle. Stylish electropolished finishes provide an attractive look to both the handle and the guide ring that accepts it. Removing the handle leaves the attractive flush surface finish of a guide ring trim that is available in a flat style to complement other Southco access hardware in the One Look-One Lock collection. 

Mounting the latch in a door panel is quick and easy, using a single round mounting hole with counter-bore. An adjustable mounting nut accommodates door panel thicknesses ranging from 12.7 mm to 19.05 mm. 

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